• UHU Super Glue 3GM (Item No: B04-09 G3GM) A1R2B106

UHU Super Glue 3GM (Item No: B04-09 G3GM) A1R2B106

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B04 09 G3GM

Processing : Surfaces have to be accurately fitting, dry, free of dust and grease. Apply adhesive thin to one side. The thinner the adhesive film, the faster the setting. Assemble and press parts immediately and fix them for a short period of time. Breathing upon increases the setting speed. After usage clean the nozzle (dry) and close firmly. Keep cool to increase shelf life.

Product Descriptions:

  • UHU super glue.Ultra fast.Pipette
  • Extremely strong,spot-accurate glueing,will flow into smallest corners and joints
  • Glue:Plastic,Porcelain,Ceramic,Metal,Wood,Rubber
  • Super fast and super strongly
  • Size:3g Liquid

Suitable Materials: Bonds safe: ceramics, wood, leather, porcelain, many plastics.D

Unsuitable Materials: Not suitable for PE, PP, Styropor® and clothing / clothing leather


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